DMC Sardinia

Anthea, a Destination Management Company whose headquarters are in Sardinia, works in the whole island and Corsica. Three women run the company in order to enhance the attitude of Sardinia towards business and luxury tourism, employing not only their passion and ambition, but also their ten years of experience in the field of Sardinian tourism, incentives, and events.

The Company philosophy is based on the desire to guarantee the best service ever to the customer, taking into account individual necessities and budgets. Anthea DMC Sardinia introduces itself as the most qualified partner in setting and managing your events, because of the solid knowledge of business events dynamics, the originality and creativity which characterise its proposals, and because of the continuous quest for new locations and ideas. What is more, the utmost care for details is guaranteed, thanks to the awareness that a successful event has to be both unique and unforgettable.

Anthea’s strong points are an experienced and multilingual staff, a deep knowledge of the country, both from a cultural and logistical point of view, and a considerable number of contacts and suppliers, who enable the company to fulfil every kind of request.




Sardinia is a whole lot more than an island: it is almost a continent. Because in it lots of islands are entwined. Many stories are waiting to be learnt, remembered, lived; centuries of history and populations – Nuragics, Phoenicians, Romans, Spanish – left traces to be discovered, all of them led by the wise and lavish hand of Nature. Nature is everywhere majestic in Sardinia: relaxing at times, electrifying at others, but always magic.


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